Rupnagar, Punjab, India, February 2016

Rupnagar, Punjab, India, February 2016


I'm a Seattle-based creative with a penchant for engaging audiences with impeccable content and UX at every touchpoint:

websites, print and digital outlets, social media and email campaigns, marketing collateral, project decks, and planning documents, and experience-based branded spaces.

Applying design-thinking strategies to any project or challenge has been a constant propeller in my career, and I'm always the team member asking, “so what?” in order to prioritize details and plan the bigger picture.

I'm marketing manager at MESH EXPERIENCE, and I work with start ups and other freelance clients to improve their branded digital presence through content development (website, social media, blog).

I've also produced all kinds of content for arts and cultural institutions in New York City (namely, the BROOKLYN MUSEUM).